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My garden "helper" or NOT!

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Re: My garden "helper" or NOT!

Postby Aigle » May 31, 2009 8:51 am

Sid is indeed a sweetie and it sounds like he has a good life doing what he was bred to do. Gushing is good. :)

The inbred nature of some dogs is pretty amazing. In the 80's I had an English Bull Terrier (110lbs!). A centruy before when the breed failed dismally as fighting dogs (yay). They were re-bred to be "pram companions" and to watch over and keep children safe.

Magnus was an extremely gentle, and good natured dog and enjoyed training, so he probably had a university degree in dog stuff. If he was ever around children his demeanour would totally change and his focus would be entirely on the child. He would let a complete stranger's toddler slam their arms on his back and he would steady them as they walked.

The parents would freak at first but eventually he became a well-known and beloved member of our local playgrounds. I think he never enjoyed himself any more than when he was watching over little children and heaven help anybody that was menacing around them. :P He had the stand montionless and growl posture down pat.

*sigh* still miss him after 20 yrs.
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Re: My garden "helper" or NOT!

Postby Sheikea » Jun 02, 2009 9:54 am

Omg he is beautiful. What a fabulous helper. :D
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