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Peter Rabbit in the Carrot Patch, and a BIG "Spider"

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Re: Peter Rabbit in the Carrot Patch, and a BIG "Spider"

Postby MareE » Jun 03, 2009 2:48 pm

Don't have wisteria, a Mr Twistie or carrots, (tho' accidentally murdered a clematis once, a Mrs Something) and buttinsking to exclaim, "What a delightfully informative read, ladies!"

Beamful Niece/Mare;o} back to Garden Claw©ing the lettuce, kale and Swiss chard patch
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Re: Peter Rabbit in the Carrot Patch, and a BIG "Spider"

Postby Aigle » Jun 05, 2009 5:49 pm

Liz, I will try to remove the Wisteria when I mve "Mr. Twisty" I bought 2 last year and the rear one is thriving but the front one, althou ok, has that slightly stressed look that tells me it's in the wrong place but would bounce back in the rear beds, Sorry, Shipping cross-canada is a bit too pricey besides...he has a name so He's Family now. :P I too, Like all of the corkscrew and weeping forms. Especially in winter.

I don't think Clematis wouls stand a chance. That bed BAKES in the summer. Full west sun, lots of concrete around. The soil temperature soars and I even have to do watering using the plastic pop bottle trick to get the moisture in before it evaporates. I usually plant it very denseley and add sunflowers so that the soil is shaded. Spring bulbs are good and I have sand cherry, a smoke bush and a "mystery bush" in there as well as lavender and cloth of gold.

I think I may fully re-work it though after they do the damage of relocating my gas metre (sometime this summer).
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Re: Peter Rabbit in the Carrot Patch, and a BIG "Spider"

Postby Lizcordysmum » Jun 05, 2009 7:40 pm

Michelena (I LOVE your name, I keep saying it over and sparkles)

I do not envy you going thru the gas thingie...the disruption. Toronto, right? I used to live in Surrey,BC and they did roadwork on THEIR ROW, but way back then they pacified homeowners weeping over lovely Aunt Rhodie, and other stuff...they promised to pay-for. Wasn't needed, but the offer did make a dif.

My unasked for advice to you, is buy a clemmie for your climate. Plant it in a pot, a big pot, give it some netting, or a trellis, to climb. When winter comes, as winter will...can you tuck pot into garage or basement, well cut back? And don't let it dry out totally, just a wee nip now and then...and darkness would be awfully nice. Make sure you buy one that appreciates being cut back...I cannot advise on this, because I CAN leave mine even those who are supposed to require pruning. I do it just for shaping, or control....much is invasive's the climate, not ME.

Clemmies take a lot of abuse. I am very abusive. I don't mean to be.

And what is this? another post somewhere, you are MOVING???
Cordy's Mum, Liz
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