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Raised beds

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Raised beds

Postby nwm1960 » Apr 30, 2008 6:11 pm

Goodday. I am planing on building some raised beds from salvaged cinderblocks. they will be about two ft high, 8 ft by 3 ft wide. Is it necessary to fill the bed completely with topsoil, or can I use rock, gravel etc. then use the good soil for the last foot.

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Postby B_BQ » Apr 30, 2008 6:32 pm

I did just what you're proposing.

My children and husband, the first year we were in this house, gave me two raised beds as a pressie! (October/November 2005).

Once they were built, (10 x 8), directly on an existing lawn, I first put down several layers of cardboard. (We had just moved so there was lots of cardboard boxes). Then I put a generous layer of leaves, (it was Fall), and had topsoil delivered. For the remainder of the Fall I just dug in whatever leaves we raked up. I also had three bags of sheep manure which I divided between the two beds. Whilst it was still workable I would dig deep holes and put my kitchen scraps in the holes. Then it went to bed for the winter. All the kitchen scraps were completely composted by Spring.

I had a pretty good growing year in 2006. I kept adding compost, leaves, manure etc. and in 2007 I had an even better year.

I can hardly wait to get going this year, after digging in Fall leaves, kitchen scraps, more compost, manure, etc. It LOOKS gorgeous, and is so easy to work with. It's a fantastic way to grow anything. I concentrate on potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, zucchini, cukes, and this year I'm going to be growing some lemon cukes.

Have a great time. It's hard work getting it all started, but well worth it.

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