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Graywater cleaning garden project

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Graywater cleaning garden project

Postby mick » Feb 26, 2009 2:01 am

I'm currently working on a system for cleaning up gray-water to reuse in home gardens as part of my fourth year Industrial Design project. The basic principle behind it is that through using physical filters and wetland plants (like reeds and irises), I can remove a lot of the soaps and other stuff in the water, to make it cleaner and safer to water plants with. The trays would be wall mounted on hooks, aided by their angled shape. Eventually the plants should grow over the front making a wall of green.


This would link to a hose standard house fitting at the end, which would connect to a drip irrigation system, or to a series of ground ponds (which could further treat the water). While I have some gardening experience, I've only worked on existing ones rather than having my own. While I assumed a backyard wall or a greenhouse would be a good place to set this up, I was curious where someone here might place something like this?

I'm also curious if anyone here has a graywater system in their home, or uses any type of irrigation system to help maintain their gardens?

I'd love to hear any other opinions about this idea, what you think about water recycling, concerns, plants that would be cool to use, etc. I've linked a couple sites about the tech behind this project if anyone wants more details about how it should work. We're using a scaled down version of natural tech to treat sewage to handle the gray-water.
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Re: Graywater cleaning garden project

Postby Smitty » Feb 26, 2009 11:45 am

now that is a cool idea and it looks pretty too!
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