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Postby Durgan » Apr 05, 2009 6:11 pm

Composting 31 July 2008 Composting. This is how I handle my spent vegetation. Kitchen slops are not utilized.

Reality check about composting. There is too much nonsense written about composting. Mostly it has to do with selling pretty, useless containers.

Chop the vegetation into small pieces with a machete, or if you have a large amount put the vegetation through a chipper/shredder. Throw the mess in a pile and forget it, until it ferments. I might fork the pile over once or twice, but I never touch a working, (fermenting) pile.

From my about 2000 square feet of vegetation, I only get about 5 cubic yards of compost per year. This is practically nothing in the big picture.
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Re: Composting

Postby Aigle » Apr 07, 2009 9:25 am

LOL. Loved the "Mostly it has to do with selling pretty, useless containers." line.

Toronto gave us all free composters a few years back. Never have been able to get it too work, too mall to turn and, well...just too small. The Worm composter worked well for a few years until the fruit flies/other flies, got to it "major gross". The bin in now a planter.

If the end of the week gets warmer, I'll be setting up a "real" pile at the back of my yard. I just dump my leaves etc there anyways to Plug the bottom of the city fence. I don't make enough for a shredder, so I just runover the soft stuff with a lawnmower a few times.

I'll have to plant Rhubarb by it, I have no idea why, but it seems traditional to have Rhubarb by the compost.

Everything except bones, dairy and Doggy-do goes in. Just waiting for the City to send me a note saying that I'll get fined since I don't use my green-bin enough (seriously).

Man, will they get a carefully phrased letter in return ;)
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Re: Composting

Postby Durgan » Apr 07, 2009 10:05 am

It will take awhile to get people educated enough to overcome the current compost propaganda.

I don't utilize leaves, since they take too long to compost, and the main vegetation from plants is more time efficient. Leaves are better composed in a large central facility. However, they can be handled with some efficiency if they are chopped into bits with the lawnmower.

Those city supplied space ship shaped containers are beyond the pale. The jerk who designed them never composed anything in his/her life.
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Re: Composting

Postby Smitty » Apr 07, 2009 10:14 am

I have a pile just outside the vegie area that I throw yard waste onto throughout the year. never turn it or take any special care for it. but I get enough soil to fill a couple of planters every spring
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Re: Composting

Postby marial000 » Apr 30, 2009 6:13 pm

Durgan is right that the government-sold composters do not work. I have two different models. It is very difficult to mix their contents. I used to have to take the whole composter off its site and then shovel the contents back into it for mixing. One of them even bears attack-marks from possibly a family of racoons or skunks. Now the composters are just sitting there taking up space. I tried building a compost pile in a corner of the yard, but it attracts skunks and racoons. So now all kitchen and garden scraps go into the city garbage collection, unfortunately. :|
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Re: Composting

Postby Countryboy » May 01, 2009 8:18 am

Hmmmmmm. I have no problem with the composters that the town supplied here. Abt four feet high, with a top lid, and two sliding 'doors' at the bottom . . . 3' X3' square??? . . . those ones???

But no . . . there is no room to mix/turn the contents . . . so I don't. It still works well. I've decided that my compost doesn't need to be turned. :wink: lol

The first time I set it up I would put eggshells and peanut shells into it. But they attracted the Coons . . . who used to push it around . . . and/or tunnel under it. So I don't put 'tasty' stuff in it . . . and now I have no critter problem.

Thru its working career I have set up this composter on the ground . . . and on patio slabs . . . either one works.

What a shame that u don't use yrs Maria. The compost u would get from it is well worth the effort of creating a composter. :)
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Re: Composting

Postby sboricic » May 09, 2009 12:32 am

I built a few using wooden pallets. Mainly for the shredded leaves, grass and weeds. I also found in a book of mine of how to built your own turning composter using 4 caster, a garbage can and wood. You use the wood to assemble a frame that the caster will attached to. The garbage can then sits on it's side on top of the casters so it can be turned by hand. Holes in the can are also required for air circulcation.
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