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garden swing arbour

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garden swing arbour

Postby Aigle » Apr 10, 2009 10:38 am

I have one of those covered, swinging couches that I impulse boutght and found I never use. with the cloth canopy and mosquito netting, I just don't feel I am actually in the garden, so all it does right now is take up space.

I'm thinking of not installing the canopy/netting and using the frame an as arbour (I can add more supports. I can set up the swing frame as a permanent feature and just remove the cushions. Even If I rarely sit on it, I'd have the frame actually doing something year round.

I've been looking for an excuse for a real Rambling rose (Alberic Barbier) Arctic Kiwi, and It may be a good relocation for my hops (I know there is a choked female on my fence, and tons of male).

If anyone can expand my imagination, I'd appreciate it. I can locate anywhere from full, dry shade to 7+ hours of sun, zone 6. This would be the first fundamental of the expansion of my planting into the next length of a long, narrow lot, so almost anything goes.

P.S, I tried sending earlier, but the internet ate my homework....really, (Here's note from my Mom to prove it.)
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