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Garden Project no.1

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Garden Project no.1

Postby neng_perea » Apr 04, 2010 11:03 am

This one is not easy for me, close to China Town. She ask me to organize her garden just the plants .I feel worried kind of nervous because she trusted me her garden.nevertheless I am also excited because now I can use my brush again to paint a beautiful garden in the canvas of dirt and mulch and compost..hahaha what a wonderful world.

This one I really need help ....Please, please help me ..I want to give her a garden that has flower whole summer long, only the small plants need to be organize... those little cudlers are all over the place and I think organizing them will make them looks garden of all dreams again .
thanks for all your help.....I dearly appreciate all the help and feedback from all of you hoppyy bunny ,,,happy easter..
thanks neng
House no.1 please need help . Thank you
Left side
right side of the house
Right side
Left side of the house
left side
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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby MareE » Apr 18, 2010 11:16 am

WOW! That is one challenging blank canvas there, Neng. Been watching to see what advice and visions you'd get for this great project. Know what I'd do with the empty all day Sun spaces, but doubt it's what your friend wants. LOL LOVE her stonework foundation and raised bed walls etc.

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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby neng_perea » Apr 18, 2010 9:30 pm

Mare, can you give me idea for this one or I give this project to you instead of me, lol..
becauseI don't have a brush I am a empty handed my canvas still empty..

I take the challenge... I cleaned both gardens weeding, pruning etc.but after couples days I feel bad I didn't realize this project is not good for me because I got pain , pain that I have for a long time and disappered 2007,... now is back like ten years ago and again being slow, pain is every where I don't know what cause.Why? question to myself what I do wrong is that the accupanture that I have or this project that I already started. Lol.... giving a help.but then again its a challenge,,what ever the outcome will be no body will say I did not give it my very best ,further more,,,, I started on a blank canvass so no matter how small my work.I can still add more to my painting,,garden is a never ending bulbs and flowers,, if my flowers did not grace my canvas really well them I can always change to color of the paint ,new flowers new leaves and branches and may be thing will be better. gardener never give up ,,just the plants give up on the gardener ,,,lol
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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby ViridianFields » Apr 20, 2010 1:35 am

Any plant material used should either be massed or architectural in stature. That said, a few drifts of early, mid and late season Tulips and Crocus for spring, early, mid and late season daylilies in a color that compliments the house would be helpful and would provide color all summer, are good easy perennials (be sure to choose only semi-evergreen or dormant varieties for best hardiness). Bergenia is a good, large, quite durable perennial with evergreen leaves and flowers from red through white. Irises are good tough perennials (need to be divided every few years for best health) but they do come in a huge spectrum of colors and are hardy pretty much everywhere.

What I would do is build a base of low growing evergreen shrubs, with a few nice (small) flowering shrubs, drifts of Crocus, Tulips, Irises, Daylilies, and perhaps some fall blooming Anemones. Easy, colorful, relatively hardy (in well drained but not dry soil), and should give all season color... just be sure to use enough of a given plant to give impact from the road, things need to be bold to make a statement with architecture and hardscaping like that.

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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby neng_perea » Apr 20, 2010 10:19 am

Is been 3 weeks maybe when I posting this project, first I got excited when I recieved a call from her I went there asking what she want and I didn't know she has 2 houses.She said is up to me I trust you, the only thing she want is a simple garden to see that's all.So I started working in the small house but then a week I feel pain and I got stressed because of the pain.I have a health problem is been ten year, stay home since then ( I got PD,.) Well, I am working on that too, stress is not good for me.

Back in this project, the plants that you mentioned are already there, the problem that I see is too crowded the tulips is everywhere, wrong spot or too close together If she allow me I pull the plants out and organize it but then again she want both us to work together.I dropped some plants I choice Spurge plants, Coral bell the purple 2 each , 4 liatris, ..The plant she has are: Daylily, Baby's breath double, Iris, Monkshood,Oriental Poppy, Tulips, there is tall yellow flower that in first flower bed in right side cannot remember the name..For me is nice to put with baby's breath the phlox ,some oriental lilies but is her decision now.
My question is the plant setting what you do think? everyone please help ... I do appreciate for all your comment.
Thank's, Neng
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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby neng_perea » May 06, 2010 3:47 am

These are the plants that I bought for this house, I am thinking if is nice next week is possible me to go plant them or I need to wait until the long week end, but that's way too long.

Another question the Iberis Sempervirens "Candytuff" is anyone know about this plant?

Some lilies that I order like
Samur Asiatic L.A. lily
Basilia Oriental lily
Orange Oriental Poppy
Elodie Double
Globe Thistles
White Plox
I am thinking to add 2 Anabelle Hydrangea and 2 more roses hope humanity rose.I need to wait for a while and hoping these plant can wait too.
Candytuff (6)
Sunflower Mix
Saponaria ocymoides Rock Soapwort (4)
Modern Blush Rose (2)
Inside the aquarium is Cosmos pink color.
Round Table Mix' Delphinium Hybrid (2)
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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby Countryboy » May 06, 2010 10:13 am

It sounds like yr getting some good ideas from elsewhere . . and I really would be hesitant to add my two cents.

BUT!! *lol* I will share my experience with the 'Oriental garden' look. Clients of mine put in the 'river' made of river rock. It looks really pretty when it's pristine. Come the Fall tho it is the nastiest thing to clean u ever saw. When it starts to collect falling leaves u can't rake it, the only thing u can do is carefully use a noisy leaf blower to blast out the leaves, broken leaves, and crumbled leaves. :(

Or get down on yr hands and knees and pick out the above. :( :( :(
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Re: Garden Project no.1

Postby neng_perea » May 06, 2010 12:13 pm

lol, don't worry I have that blower is 2 in 1, or either I use my magic broom. haha

Sound like you are a great gardener ,...well if you willing to share your experience on Lilies ,Okay and thank you, Countryboy
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