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Huge project for a big newb!

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Huge project for a big newb!

Postby lonev » Nov 04, 2010 2:31 am

Hey there,

I don't know anything about gardening but I want to produce about 3-6 different plants/flowers/(spices?) by around march. I want to start with something that is VERY EASY TO UPKEEP & easy to sell by under cutting stores on craiglist or instore.

To make sense of things I'm a business person and feel like doing something hobbyish on the side. I'm pretty much on farmland so I have more than enough space to put plants inside, or out, or both. Also I have a farmers market stand at my despense. I reside in the Vancouver, British Columbia area to give you guys a better idea to point me in the right direction.

Essentially I need to know what plants are easy to upkeep which do not need an automated indoor automated artificial light cycle (however this can be a seperate list because this is something I can do after the first batch - or just try one plant doing it this way). If there at least a dozen recomended plants that can grow from seedling to 'product ready' in this damned BC winter weather that would be fantastic. If not then I wouldn't mind setting up artificial light stations - I have a friend that can help me with this part.

Also if there are any sites that you guys can recomend to do any step-by-step procedures during the plants life cycle this would also be of great help.

I REALLY want to do orchids because they have a perfect markup from seed to final product. course I realize that they take some care & of course lots of space & (fake)sunlight so this I may do once I make my failures on my first wave of plants. Hopefully this will help you help me with the list considering I dont want to be growing the cheapest plants on the market; there has to be some plants out there that have a moderate price tag to them but can be grown lazilishly!

I would also need some tips in picking out soils for certain plants i'm assuming this is important.

I really look forward to your comments. I realize I know nothing however I am a fast learner.
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Re: Huge project for a big newb!

Postby Eeyore » Nov 08, 2010 12:33 pm

That is a huge project for a newb! Many seasoned gardeners would have trouble taking that on.
My suggestion would be first to determione what will grow in your area and then pick a niche market. Chances are the most common plants are already being grown and a market is already established. Soil is an important factor but there are so many other things involved that perhaps a course in Horticultural Business Managment would be in order or plenty of conversation with other growers in your area.
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Re: Huge project for a big newb!

Postby lonev » Nov 08, 2010 9:33 pm

Thanks for the reply,

I have actually decided to micro prop plants, probably orchids, because it is easier to do one genetic variation opposed to randoms via seeds. Many of the more expensive orchids are made by micro prop and there is a higher success rate because the same genetic variation requires the same need for nutriants, wind, spectrum etc.
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