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How to create a good design for my garden

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Re: How to create a good design for my garden

Postby Strilets12 » Feb 25, 2011 10:45 am

Scrapinthehat wrote:I just read an article that says to intentionally place a seating area (ie. patio) deep into your property to encourage a person out into the yard rather than just sit on their deck/patio right out the back door and simply look at the yard from there. Makes sense to an extent, but I wouldn't haul a bunch of stuff (ie. food, dishes, etc) across my yard...maybe just a glass of iced tea (or stronger :lol: ).So I think there should be a main entertaining/dining area right off the house, a secret/private area to get away and call your own, and a bench or collection of heavy, no maintenance pieces that can always be keep outdoors situated far into the garden to take in the view. But that's just me....if we all had the same ideas, that would be pretty boring. And many yards are so small now that there is no space for all these "rooms" so one muntifuntional space may be the solution.

The area in question looks like it is meant for pure relaxation. If that was the purpose of this spot, then you nailed it, especially if you have it situated in the quiet part of your garden. However, if you are needing a place to entertain (as others have mentioned) then you may want different furniture. I love the idea of something "grand" in the garden. However, if that something "grand" requires annual maintenance (ie. sanding, staining, etc), then you've signed up for a lot of work every year. Good luck with your project. There are lots of great idea books at home improvement stores to help.

thanks for your reply and for advices
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