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Dug out a bed - now what?

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Re: Dug out a bed - now what?

Postby CdnChelsea » Jun 06, 2011 4:36 pm

You could always put down newspapers instead of landscaping cloth to block the weeds.. At least 7 layers of over-lapping newspaper would be good, then wet it all down.
Then cover the newspapers with at least 3" of compost or manure.

Next, dig holes right through the compost and newspapers and plant your plants. Use a big knife to cut through the newspaper. Once you have everything planted, cover the garden with a good, thick layer of mulch. If you already have existing plants in your garden, you can still spread the newspaper/compost/mulch around them but not covering them. If the leaves sprawl, lift them up and push the newspaper/compost/mulch under them.

Every year I alway spread a layer of compost onto my gardens and then a thick layer of mulch. Very few weeds survive and the soil is getting richer every years. In the Fall, I let the leaves stay in the gardens and every spring I add the compost and mulch.
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