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total newbie vs neglected backyard

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Re: total newbie vs neglected backyard

Postby Dumbo » May 13, 2012 11:00 am

Kumar wrote:I got a quote to lay down sod (it's about 60 x 35 feet) and it came out to over 5 grand!

Go get a few other quotes.

At that price I guess you are hiring someone to do it for you. But still, that's a little over the top for 60X30.
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Re: total newbie vs neglected backyard

Postby Eeyore » May 13, 2012 12:33 pm

That does seem extreme, even with topsoil included in the price. if you are up to it laying sod is quite easy, you could do it yourself. The biggest worry is making sure you get good sod that is not at all dry, get it down in a timely manner and then water, water, water.....
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Re: total newbie vs neglected backyard

Postby Kumar » Feb 07, 2013 2:06 pm

So....I'm back. But this time I've requested a week's vacation in the middle of April to make sure I succeed.

I need help on my plan, which is this in it's nascent stages:

1)Rip out the old stuff - rent a sod cutter and rototiller

do I need a sod cutter or can I go straight to the tilling?
any suggestions where to rent or is Home Depot a good place?
how do I dispose of the old turf? Can anyone give me a name?

2)spread compost and sand (for drainage) and then based on a soil test, spread the right fertilizer

where can I get a soil test done in the GTA? I'm in Markham Ontario.

3)Level the surface
4)Start laying the sod
5) Water religiously
6) Maintain
7) Sit back and brag to my friends what a great job I've done

Please give me as much information as you can on making sure I do this right! I know it's in April, but I want to be prepared.

Thanks everyone.
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