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help me choose vines....

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help me choose vines....

Postby tulips76 » Aug 14, 2011 6:28 pm

I have a back yard faces south east and is approximately 80*60ft... the fences down the side are 5ft wooden and across the back we have chicken wire with posts. The back of the yard is shaded (and has a not so nice looking shed) and the rest of the yard is either full sun or mainly sun. I would like to grow vines along all 3 fence lines to soften the look of the fence. I was thinking of using boston ivy across the back and a one of (or a combination of) other vines for the two sides.
I would likes something fast growing that is perennial and has some sort of bloom. I was considering trumpet vine, honeysuckle vine and climbing hydrangea. I also considered buying many clematis and planting them at each fence post but I think that will take a very long time.

My second question is for my front bed. I put the bed in last year and I have a dwarf burning bush, dwarf lilac, a butterfly bush, some iris and a shasta daisy. BUt I find I have no colour this time of year- does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: help me choose vines....

Postby kelly_m » Aug 14, 2011 9:20 pm

Clematis grows faster than you the right conditions.

Your other choices sound good...but with the trumpet vine and the climbing hydrangea, you need to make sure they have something very strong to climb on! Another fast grower is Silver lace vine. You could also think of grapes as an alternative to boston ivy......or in combination.

In the front, you can consider Echinacea (Coneflower) lots of different varieties and colour...but the purple is nice this time of year! Rudbecia fall anemones are good bets too!
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