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my own wholesale nursery and garden project on estate land

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my own wholesale nursery and garden project on estate land

Postby lord_fungi » Sep 01, 2011 7:08 pm

sometime in the future my mum and dad are going to get some land and of course im gonna move out because they drive me insane sometimes which is always for every guy and girl with there perents.

as i get a flat block of estate land i want to build and construct a huge garden resort only containing a certain number of trees where i will live in between frankston and the penninsula mornington near the ocean beaches where i live in australia in melbourne.

after that I need a few hothouses and propagation tunnels a computer to research and study in a good tafe or university to go to for that.

I want to build or help construct to others who will be with me to construct a propagation igloo and also a potting shed with a truck and soil it will cost a few grand to start it but i want to be a bit strict with money wise and hold on and think realistically I want to grow a few a trees fruit trees for people who will buy them and also natives and exotics for those who will buy them i dont know but i will see how it goes.
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