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Bags of Soil on sale,,,again

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Re: Bags of Soil on sale,,,again

Postby mike in Ottawa » May 09, 2012 2:38 pm

I just received another flyer from Manotick Gardens, bring in the flyer and receive a 2kg bag of grass seed or 5 bags of black earth or a 10" hanging basket free. hmmm dare i go in again???

Also Hydro Ottawa have been going around this area chopping down trees/bush that were interfering with there overhead wiring, as i was driving around i noticed alot of people out with pickups/cars and taking the logs that they had left, so i went off and got 3 wheelbarrows of logs, but i left the branches, the next day i heard a large chipper grinding up the branches, so wondered over and talked to them and now i have a large truckload of wood chips, i offered them $50.00 bucks but they said no as it was actually saving them money as they would have had to drive to the dump to get rid of them.
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mike in Ottawa
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Re: Bags of Soil on sale,,,again

Postby Lulu » May 09, 2012 6:48 pm

Wow,,,good find, Mike,,and the best part,,you don't have to worry about junk in the chips, if you saw it being put thru the chipper!

Mark,,great deal on the soil, if you're in the market for it!
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