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Postby Dumbo » Jul 22, 2012 9:22 pm

There was someone in this forum who had issues with having zero pollinators, or the lack of. I don't recall who it is, or which forum it was in, but...

The catnip (cataria) i'm growing is really sprawling out big time. It's full of very tiny white flowers that grow in like a cone-shape from the ends of the branches.

The bee's. My god it is so full of bumble bee's. each and every branch of this plant is full of them.

My veggie garden is completely surrounded by diff type of flowers I read about to attract bee's, and I have all sort and diff types of bee's and wasps in my garden. But I put the catnip over on the side about 4 feet away and it's the heaviest attractor.

The catnip appears to selectively attract and are 100% full of bumble bee's.

Canadian Gardening makes zero reference to this, but the bumble bee's are mad for this stuff. ... es/a/42758 ... es/a/31673

So if someone is aching for bumble bee's, this is it. I can't say I ever saw a plant selectively attract a certain type of bee before, and so many. This one does.

Of all the diff types of pollinator plants I have going this one is the most powerful attractant for this specific bee.

...just an FYI.
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