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Need Help Levelling!

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Need Help Levelling!

Postby Chade2005 » May 29, 2013 8:42 pm

I am building my first raised garden in Kenora, ON- northern ontario- my location is good, south facing, however there is a slope and the ground is partially bedrock with some small divots of sandy soil with different foliage growing in them. Id like to level the area before I place my soil. Where do I begin? Ive considered building up one side of the garden with my 2x10's to level, but should I be also leveling with material (loam etc)?

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Re: Need Help Levelling!

Postby Countryboy » May 30, 2013 7:41 am

Gardening on the Canadian Shield can be a challenge. So best of luck to u! :)

Your 2x10s should be good for building up the lowest end of your area... if u keep one thing in mind. The strength of timber is in their height, not their width. Pressure in the 10" direction will not deflect (bend) them, but enuf pressure against the 2" width may eventually cause them to deflect. Wet soil is very heavy, and will put a lot of pressure on these walls. So, not too high, or not too long, or both.

Also, a lot of pressure will be put on your connections at the corners. So use good screws to attach the 2x10s at the corners. I would use something like 4x4s, the height of your bed, with the 'sides' of 2x10 well screwed to them.
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Re: Need Help Levelling!

Postby Jersm » May 30, 2013 10:48 am

also consider using pressure treated wood to reduce risk of rotting. You would probably see rot in a couple years and as stated above the pressure of the earth could cause problems to rotting wood.
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