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Front garden ideas needed!!! Help!!

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Front garden ideas needed!!! Help!!

Postby essential » Jul 14, 2013 12:58 am

Hi! I'm a newbie here and I need your expert advise in designing and picking out the right plants/trees for my front yard! I'm in Vancouver BC and right now my front lawn, except for the hedges, is completely bare (has always been that way). I need some advices and here are a description of what the front of my house looks like and what my preferences are:

- The height of the windows to the ground is quite high and there is nothing architecturally interesting in between (think plain walls). I want some plants or trees that are about 5-6 feet tall to cover those spaces.
- since I will be planting those in front of my house, I would appreciate plants don't have deep (or greedy?) roots that will try to invade my house and causes cracks to the wall etc.
- it will be great if the plants are evergreen - remains green throughout the winter.
- it will be bonus if they have flowers too during the warmer season but its not necessary as I plan to plant annuals in front of these taller plants/trees.

Any advices are appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Front garden ideas needed!!! Help!!

Postby conniepr » Jul 20, 2013 7:39 am

It sounds like you pretty much already know what you want to do. If I were you, I'd just go to a nursery and start picking things out. Take a picture of your house where you want plants (not too close, they need to see what's surrounding to know what would suit each spot the best) and ask them for suggestions while you're there. Ask for the owner. Most people who own nurseries are in the business, because they are experienced landscapers and know what they're doing. Their staff on the other hand, you'd be taking a chance with.
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