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*** Zen Garden Gravel Size / Place to buy? ***

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Re: *** Zen Garden Gravel Size / Place to buy? ***

Postby Countryboy » Jul 22, 2013 1:47 pm

River Rock is natural, rounded stone... screened to different sizes. From 3/8" up to 6" or 8". Or to boulders, actually.

All other aggregate is crushed... usually Limestone. Available in the same, standard sizes.

Many Garden Centres are also Landscapers. They usually have a few selections of differing sizes and types of aggregate. If yr getting a square yard or two they will also deliver.

U want 'clear' stone... nothing with 'fines'! Anything with fines is used to create hard-packed surfaces.

Watch where u place it. Not under trees. A large expanse of 6" River Rock can be nasty to clean up in the Fall! ;) lol

I buy all my aggregate from a pit abt 45 minutes North of Markham.

Best of luck! :)
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Re: *** Zen Garden Gravel Size / Place to buy? ***

Postby Jersm » Jul 23, 2013 3:10 pm

bapefreddie wrote:I'm looking to build a little zen garden in my yard and was wondering if anyone has experience with this.

1. What "type" of rock to use? Crushed Limestone? Pea Gravel? I'm confused with all the terms I read online...
2. What size should the individual rocks be?
3. Any suggestion on sand/gravel/aggregate sellers around Markham, Toronto?

Thanks in advance!

i dont have much experience but a zen garden or a japanese rock garden original term.

according to the sakuteiki book. (oldest garden planning text in the world) sais that a rock garden is "an aesthetic endeavor based on poetic feeling of the designer and the site." with that said, there is no specific way to make one since you see the sand or stone in many colors around the world.

when there is a lack of water or pond its called dry landscape by using sand or stones. " This kind of garden featured either rocks placed upright like mountains, or laid out in a miniature landscape of hills and ravines".

"White sand and gravel had long been a feature of Japanese gardens. In the Shinto religion, it was used to symbolize purity, and was used around shrines, temples, and palaces. In zen gardens, it represents water, or, like the white space in Japanese paintings, emptiness and distance." (thus why they prefer whiter colored rocks)

5 types;
"the "Ocean Style"
the "Mountain Torrent Style"
the "Broad River Style"
the "Wetland Style"
the "Reed Style"
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