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Raised beds with echinacea/rudbeckia

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Raised beds with echinacea/rudbeckia

Postby tricone » Apr 16, 2014 3:40 pm

I've been planning to build two raised beds this weekend or next. Thought I'd run the plans by some more knowledgable gardeners!

The beds will be 2x2x8ft each, built from old 1x6 planks from an old fence, close to and parallel to the sidewalk at the front of my property. It is in full sun except perhaps in late afternoon. The only lining I have easy access to is a weed barrier fabric. The plan is to fill the beds with a mix of echinacea + black-eye susan + shasta daisy. An alternative would be lavender + salvia + hyssop.

Are those plants suitable for a bed of this height? I've never seen any of them planted in a bed this high, my main concern is that if I'm not extremely careful with watering, the soil might dry out from the outside in as well as from the top down, risking killing the plants which would be pretty unsightly in a set of beds right at the front of my property!

If this is a risk, should I just build the beds lower?
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