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Don't toss those old Venetian blinds!

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Don't toss those old Venetian blinds!

Postby oldgal75 » May 23, 2014 3:58 pm

Don't toss those old Venetian blinds, they can be useful in the garden. The slats can be removed and are weather-proof, permanent marker stays more or less permanent on them and they can easily be cut into sections with ordinary scissors. I keep a box of them in my garden shed to have handy when I need them. The older a gardener gets the harder, sometimes, it is to remember what and where everything is, especially in the early spring when identification by barely visible shoots is at its most difficult!

I cut the blind slats into short sections and cut one end into an inverted V which makes it sharp enough to stick into the soil with a plant name written on it. I sometimes use an ordinary hole punch to make a hole at one end to tie a string through for those plants I intend to dig up once they have more or less died back (tulips for instance if I'm trying to keep track of which colours are where). I seem to keep coming up with new uses for these slats and don't like to think that some of them end up in land fills just because I haven't bothered to share this tip.

Some of us, the more obsessive types! even remove the lowest, un-needed slats of new Venetian blinds. Don't toss those either - they make even nicer, newer, cleaner garden markers.
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Re: Don't toss those old Venetian blinds!

Postby Justanotherider » May 29, 2014 11:03 pm

You can often mooch messed up blinds from a drapery store, or score them for next to nothing at yard sales. If you're not too fussy about appearances, you can just bend them a couple of times with your fingers to snap them into usable lengths. I write on them with industrial sharpies which last the whole season. I find them handy for marking the colours of my gladiolus, so I can keep the colours separated in storage and plant them in like groups the next year.
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Re: Don't toss those old Venetian blinds!

Postby MorningGlory » Jul 28, 2014 6:55 pm

I just started using these slats this spring. LOVE the idea and confused why I hadn't heard of this in all my years of gardening and all my years of replacing venetians!

I just make one cut (lazy? productive?)to a sharp point and use Sharpie permanent marker to write what I'm planting.

This is likely the most useful trick I've come across in a long time. After years of gardening, sometimes I think I planted 'this' there but then realize "oh, those were there LAST year".

(this thread is a few months old but contributed anyway)
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Re: Don't toss those old Venetian blinds!

Postby davegrass » Aug 20, 2014 2:32 am

Thats a great idea. My mother in law has just replaced hers - I might have to grab those blinds before they're dumped now :D
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Re: Don't toss those old Venetian blinds!

Postby Countryboy » Aug 21, 2014 8:59 am

I've been using up the slats that I cut up over 10 years ago. I've still got lots of markers left! :) A Sharpie is good initially, but for lasting thru sun and rain, pencil is best.
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