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Topiary Ideas

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Topiary Ideas

Postby daBee » Jun 08, 2014 3:24 pm

Hiya folks.

Well the grass I planted died in the -300°C weather this winter. I'm looking for something to take eyes away from the grate over my basement window in front of my house, and somewhat hides my front window to my office.

I'm thinking of planting some kind of tree that I can shape wide and rectangular. It would look neat and help people focus on the Lupins down below. It would have to span about 6' wide, about 2' tall, and depth...say 2' as well. I want this thing opaque.

I'm looking for some suggestions on species. I'd like this to start taking shape asap, and keep short enough so I can trim the bottom and bring it up to height. Have a look at the pics.

I appreciate any feedback.

Front Garden.JPG
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