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Straw Bale Gardens

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Straw Bale Gardens

Postby Saltman » Jun 15, 2014 1:25 am

Hello Garden Lovers.

I live in Northern Alberta, and was looking for an easy garden idea. I have had a garden for about 4 years, and was tired of managing clay - clay won. Google and I spent some quality time together researching raised and vertical gardening. Straw bale gardening hit my #1 list.

We rototilled both my gardens, laid down landscaping fabric and brought in 26 straw bales. 21 for the back yard and 5 for the front. Conditioned the bales for a couple weeks then planted all kinds of goodness like zucchini, petunias, tomatoes, peas and corn and usual veg you find in a garden.

Nearly every plant is doing amazing and there are so many interesting things going on in the garden. For example, last night must have been perfect weather for mushrooms. Nine this morning there were a load of little mushrooms working on decomposing the straw. By afternoon they had pretty much disappeared. By far the coolest gardening experience i have had. Wanted to share :)


Copy and paste the link below if you cant see the image.
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Re: Straw Bale Gardens

Postby tricone » Jun 18, 2014 8:45 am

Oh wow, what a great idea, I wasn't even aware of that at all!

So, you put soil on top of the bales, or inside them? I guess the rotting straw would warm the beds up and extend the growing season a little bit - but won't they smell too?

What do you have on the ground surrounding the bales - grass? How is that affected by the bales?
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