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Needing advice from cat lovers....

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Re: Needing advice from cat lovers....

Postby Sheikea » Nov 23, 2008 9:42 pm

I have been a cat owner all my life and yes that includes when I was jsut a kid.I was a farm girl.It has always been on the farm that cats were loose and free to come and go as they wanted,but as I came into the city it has became quiet apparent that people don't care about cats and will run them over even when they are minding their own business on the sidewalk.So please keep your pet harnessed and on a lease if oyu are to let her out.Make sure its short enough she will not hang herself..Also notice I said harness not collar.Also cats will over indulge themselves and upon doing so will leave behind a nasty pukey mess for you if you let it go.I have two kitties and both go out side,harnessed and leashed also both kitties eat when they want but I keep an eye on them,fresh water and the occasional treat of cream.Love them thats what they do best back in return..
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