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new appreciation for wasps

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Re: new appreciation for wasps

Postby B_BQ » Aug 08, 2012 7:56 pm

I too have been lucky and not been stung by wasps. (Have been bitten by spiders though and have a terrible reaction).
I come from a family with very severe asthma and allergies, so am always a little bit concerned. So far so good.
A couple of years ago we did have a wasp nest underground! I'd never seen anything like it. It looked just like a hole that a small chipmunk would make, so I didn't take any extra precautions when weeding in the area. I was lucky. When I found out what it was, and what was going on there, I had no hesitation in going out later in the evening and spraying the hole with a hornet and wasp spray! Sorry, but I couldn't risk the possibility getting stung.
Last year my husband was replacing a light bulb in a soffit. He reached up into it to unscrew the spent bulb and got bitten by wasps, (or maybe hornets), that had decided it was a great place to build a nest. He said that was the last bulb he would change and that in future he'd get someone to come in and do it! laf! Today we had someone come in and check and change all the soffit light bulbs!
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Re: new appreciation for wasps

Postby LeeInEdmonton » Aug 08, 2012 11:11 pm

Yup.....wasps like to occupy a old mouse hole. They also like to build nests under a ground level deck. We have also had them occupy a old chickadee nest in an old tree stump. They are quite versatile in selecting a site for their nests.

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