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Giving a presentation today...

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Re: Giving a presentation today...

Postby Heidi S » Aug 10, 2012 5:14 pm

The presentation seemed to go well enough, although we had our challenges getting started. Our horticultural fair is all volunteer run and glitches ensue as might be expected. We were 'supposed' to have been introduced by someone, no show; our segment was accidently left off the published list of things happening, and so on.

However, we made our own announcement to let people know what we were doing up there on the stage, waited 5 minutes and then started to an audience of 1, which grew to about 12-15. We spoke on our topics for about 35 minutes and then held a question and answer session, so I consider that a success.

The botanical garden society that sponsors our master gardener group and training program, has asked me to submit my materials for publication in their newsletter, which I will do once i tidy it up with bibliography etc.

It wasn't too scary talking into the microphone either - I just kept looking around the audience and at my notes so the time passed quickly.
Heidi S,
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Heidi S
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Re: Giving a presentation today...

Postby Ron Evers » Aug 11, 2012 5:11 pm

Good for you Heidi.

I did a lot of lecturing over the years & when finished my shirt sleeves & sides would be soaked. I still nightmare about having to do another lecture.

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