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My Daughter is off on her first Adventure!

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Re: My Daughter is off on her first Adventure!

Postby Heidi S » Sep 02, 2012 11:08 am

Hey, Mike, my son was mightily displeased when I reminded him that as a 19 yr old he was now responsible for all his entertainment costs, including vacations.

Dad and I are going on an Alaska cruise next summer for our 25th anniversary and he wasn't invited, nor did he join us for our mini trip to Jasper this summer. He did manage to tag along on our various trips between home and Vancouver all summer, which was just fine as we were going anyway - but he had to come home early via greyhound to be at his job one week.

Man, it sucks being an adult! However, if he is very lucky, he may get an amazing job he is applying for next summer, working as a student guide/interpreter at the Vimy Ridge memorial in France. He is fairly bilingual having completed his entire education in French Immersion, also speaks some German, is a student of History at Uni, and keenly interested. We also have a family member listed on the Ypres memorial gate (my great uncle Harold), son's paternal grandfather was a Burma bomber veteran from WWII and my uncle was on the beaches of Normandy. Our son grew up with the stories of the great wars and was always interested in the activities of his relatives in them. Well then there are also the veterans and victims of my mom's German family, but that topic isn't as popular in this country. So we have been working on his application for one of these coveted positions in 2013 and are really hopeful he gets the opportunity to go.

However, my DS can't complain - he has been in Europe for 6 months at age 15, has seen some interesting parts of his own country including Nunavut, a trip to Japan with his school and into the states several times. So he is no novice at traveling, just at paying for it! We are an adventurous family and now he has the bug.

Aren't young adults fun?
Heidi S,
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Re: My Daughter is off on her first Adventure!

Postby Big Smile » Sep 02, 2012 6:05 pm

kelly_m wrote:Well not her first...but her first Cool Teenaged Summer Adventure!!!!

She and 4 friends have headed off to New York....Syracuse....to the New York State Fair.

Paid for with her own $$$ (Whoot!)

Including Spending money (Whoot Whoot!)

Its quite exciting when teens go out on their own. Our kids are long past the teen yrs. but our youngest Dau. (single , never married) is adventurous and spending the summer in the Yukon working in a tourist store May till mid -Sept. She is now applying for another job and hopes to stay the winter. This will be interesting as she does not like winter but she likes Yukon.

They are going to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan (Country Artists) in concert at the fair tonight. Hit the Fair, go to the concert tonight. Over night then some shopping tomorrow.

Then Home.

Thank dog I am not the Mom who volunteered to take them......... :roll: :lol:
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Re: My Daughter is off on her first Adventure!

Postby kelly_m » Sep 02, 2012 7:12 pm

Oh...Mike!!! Did I appear worried???LOL

If anything i was Jealous!!! LOL\

Trusted the mom they were going with, they were only gone one night...and had the most absolute time of their lives.....one of those memories that will stay with them forever!
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