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Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Jersm » Sep 15, 2012 2:03 pm

thanks for all the replies, I suppose i should look at flowers in a different way. Its true the colors and the smells are nice it sure beats grass and dirt.

If anything i will probably try to convince my GF to start planting some flowers and stuff hehe. I never really saw it as an art form but really you are figuring out colors and patterns and all that just like a painting.

I can appreciate the beauty of flowers, I suppose i was thinking about our close neighbors who spent hours everyday tending to flowers. the women who lives there will literealy spend hours picking out every single little weed around the yard and anywhere on their lawn.

yet... their neighbors grass is full of weed lol.. they spend so much time weeding they create the PRIME grow zone for any weed.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Dumbo » Sep 15, 2012 8:19 pm

Nope. I'm with you on that one. I see it just as you do.

You read about people spending hours deadheading. Yet for most every plant they have, deadheading does absolutely nothing for the plant or flowers. It's all aesthetic. Nothing more. Waste of time.

Or you read about people spending hours squishing bugs between their fingers. Seriously, that's gross! Think about that... You wake-up and want to kill things and have guts and pesticides on your hands. Then they make them self a sandwich *shiver*. That's not normal brain function to me.

Or they spend their time with voodoo stuff like putting baby powder or underarm deodorant on plants because no chemical on the market exists to kill certain bugs, so they then rely on witchcraft. Let the bugs be.

Then people will get frustrated, mad and complain about bugs. Sheez, get rid of the darn flower!

Each to their own. My kind of insanity is better than your kind of insanity type thing. ;)

But yup. I have a neighbour just like yours. Well past retirement and that's his fun, hobby, or age related illness, take your pick.

I have also seen people out on their lawn with scissors.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby Heidi S » Sep 15, 2012 10:22 pm

Quite simply - flowers are food for my soul. I find my stress level lessens when I go into my garden. I enjoy the texture and fresh feeling from a variety of foliage types, and think of the flowers as jewelry. Interestingly, my neighbours have started gardening since I introduced them to something other than lawn.

I also grow veggies - mainly stuff I enjoy eating and can be hard to find or expensive - within the boundaries of my climate and space.

I enjoy puttering in both areas and have some areas with both together. I need my entire garden and don't think I could live without it.
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Re: Veggies/fruits or flowers/visuals?

Postby bluebird » Sep 16, 2012 10:26 am

Heidi S wrote:Quite simply - flowers are food for my soul.


Jersm, you never know. Maybe the person seemingly obsessed with weeding their garden is actually finding a needed distraction from a sadness in their life or a way of coping with some difficulty that is no business of ours to judge. What seems a waste of time for us (and I am a very lazy gardener...plant, mulch, let the birds do the work & enjoy the view) may be just what another gardener enjoys. Cuppa and a morning spent weedin' away their woes! Or maybe just a focus to complain-lol
Maybe the first time a tiny hummingbird finds your pot of flowers it will have you smitten too! Best wishes to you and thanks for this interesting thread..a nice read. Image

Thanks so much Clara and Dan!
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