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S N O W !

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Re: S N O W !

Postby Heidi S » Oct 29, 2012 12:11 am

See it's not just that it has been snowing, it's that the ground was frozen down 6 inches from the surface during the week before - I know this because, it took me over 2 hours to leverage my leeks out of the same raised bed on Wednesday. So, we will see. This week will apparently continue cold until next weekend, then will rise above 0 for a day or two. IF I can get them out then, I will be very grateful!

I will have to try that garbage can idea for sure! I don't have anywhere to do cold storage so I like that idea!

Dad is settled into the seniors' facility in Burnaby for the most part, but he is not doing wonderfully - just ok. My brother doesn't think he will still be alive in 6 months but who knows. We have to just take it as it comes.

Meanwhile, Mom-in-law has just had cancer cells found in her brain. She has been struggling with stage 4 lung cancer, which had moved into her spine and ribs, for 6 months now, so this is another bump in her struggle to keep going. She has started a new round of radiation therapy and continues on chemo.

My brother and his partner are getting married on Dec 27th in Burnaby so we can all be together and while Dad is still alive. They are also in the process of moving from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut to Yellowknife, having to sell one house, buy another, pack and move 15,000 pounds of household goods by air freight, and find temporary accommodation for their 3 husky dogs, and plan a wedding, So they are both completely psycho. Helen will put her stuff and dogs on the plane to YK on Tuesday, and head south to Burnaby to get her wedding organized, while taking a turn looking after dear ol' Dad for the next 2 months.

Therefore, my little problem with frozen carrots seems trivial all in all, but well, I spent 3 months doing the parent patrol, so others are doing it for now. Meanwhile my hubby and I are waiting for the next shoe to drop....
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Re: S N O W !

Postby RubyTuesday49 » Oct 29, 2012 1:15 am

I don't know Kat, I had lots of people tell me all sorts of ways to keep my carrots over winter; in dry sand, in sawdust, wrapped in a bed of shredded newspaper, etc I just never seemed to have any luck with that. I know they used to keep them in a cold storage dug into a bank but I never tried that. I did have a 'cold room' but they still got soft - maybe it wasn't cold enough.(?) and yet, . . . . . I keep thinking "there's got to be a way" !!
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