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question for Lulu

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Re: question for Lulu

Postby Lulu » Nov 21, 2012 10:42 pm

Heidi, my dogs are two year old lab crosses, and were nuts on a leash, till I got the haltie. They've been on a halti for about 3 or 4 weeks now,,but right from the first second they were on, the dogs walked perfectly! You'd have thought they were totally well trained, not the nut bars that pulled me into the ditch the day before.

We are at the point now, I can let them out the front door, with their leashes dragging, and they go to my van, and wait. On the return trip, I let them out of the van, leashes dragging, and they go right to the house door. Once inside, they just sit and wait; I clean their feet, and brush them off, with a towel, undo the halties, and they go right into my office, and lay on their bed, for at least an hour or till they are dry; all this, without being told. Did this with them on one of the days they were soaked and muddy, now, they've made it their routine. The dog park is terrible muddy on these mild days.

My tenant was outside one day, and calling them; they refused to move off the step; normally, they would have been over the moon exited to see her, but not that day! She asked if they were tranquilized! Everyone who sees them, comments on their good behavior now; that's a switch, cuz they truly were, HOOLIGANS- sweet and lovable,,, but, HOOLIGANS.

I will continue to use the halties, as there is a very busy roadway, next to the park, so, don't want to take any chances with them.
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Re: question for Lulu

Postby Northpine » Nov 21, 2012 10:47 pm

Thanks Heidi!
Though this dog is small, he is powerful. He is a mixed breed, but has the look of a lab and also has web paws. So that may explain his lunging tendency.
I used the retractable with my previous dog quite successfully. But she was a little lady and no trouble at all. Compared to her, Jack is a terror.
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