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Black Friday

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Re: Black Friday

Postby Heidi S » Nov 25, 2012 1:56 pm

Liz, cat toys in dog water dish has been a favourite game in this house with every cat we own. The current elder cat, Luc, loves to fish for his toys once he has deposited them in the water. The sound of 'ploosh, plooosh , splash' means he is at it again. He would do it with the toilets too, but we learned early in his life to keep the lids DOWN.

As to the snow, we have had one big snowfall in October, then the pineapple express blew in and melted it all, so now we have just a light 3-4 cm on the ground. This, of course is because we just broke down to buy a snowblower after 15 years of digging out the driveway by hand. But more snow on the way, maybe I can send you a bag of it on the Greyhound Bus?

As to Black Friday, we had a mini-black Friday flyer for the store, but really nothing out of the ordinary from our usual flyer, and most of the 'special buy' stuff, which means we brought it in for the flyer, and won't get more, has now sold out -but no rush of people at the door when we opened at 7am. My son tells me that our local Walmart was very busy in the electronics area, but he is in groceries so didn't see much action. Of course, Home Depot put out the Christmas stuff a month ago, and we are now quite out-of-stock on the most popular stuff and have to explain that we are not getting any more trucks, so we cannot give rainchecks; No More Coming, Sorry! The live trees came in this week too - well I call them Natural, since they were cut at least a month ago now. We do a lively trade in real trees in our store based on my experience last year.

I have to get the last of my Christmas lights out this week - I am not putting up a tree as we are going to be at the coast for the week and I don't want the cats climbing it. This is going to be my Mom-in-law's last Christmas for sure, quite probably my Dad's too, and we are having the weird and wacky wedding of my brother and is long time partner on the 27th (so Dad can be there). The challenge for us all is, that we don't love her nearly as much as he does, so all this formalizing things feels odd to us. This will be a bittersweet Christmas for sure.

Anyway, speaking of HD, must run and get ready for my shift! Need the hours now, before the January blah's and everyone gets minimal hours for the next 3 months.
Heidi S,
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Re: Black Friday

Postby Lizcordysmum » Nov 25, 2012 9:55 pm

Like all of my cats have ever been, the best toy is a human being on the other end of it..which gets to be exhausting.

Today Hamish got to go outside...dirty weather is coming back tomorrow I think, and I had a few spare minutes. He wasted most of it saying HE did NOT have to wear a collar with a huge bell on it...all the other neighbour cats make fun of him, you see.

Lily convinced him if she had to wear a sweater, he could darn well wear his collar and bell.

Cats are SUCH lovely lovely company...must be a part of everything you do...must discuss what happened while you were out, and what you DID while you were out...of course it is a capital H for He....here too! Have to snoop in all the shopping...follow to and from the pantry, the bathroom.

The little dog makes darned sure she isn't ever overlooked...do you know that if Jim comes upstairs for anything and we are talking away, Lily immediately joins in, moaning, groaning, growling, yiping...non stop until one of us pays attention and includes her in the conversation...but you have to keep mentioning HER name. I have never had a dog like this. If all conversational gambits fail her, she sits up and begs, pleadingly...non one can resist a little dog who quietly sits up and begs.

And even tho she likes to think she is in charge, make no mistake...Hamish is Boss.
Cordy's Mum, Liz
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