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seeds from spain

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seeds from spain

Postby manueitor » Jul 10, 2009 7:34 am

I wrote the book "Guide for a live in the coutryside" by John Seymour, and this showme my future.
My father owns a verybig house with lot of garden, but he only have some fruit trees.When i will live in the house i would like to have many other kind of trees.
Could you help me?? Do yoyu want to exchange seeds??
Thank You.

Sr. Manuel Perez Fortuny
C/ Cami Salard, 18 atico B
07008 Palma de Mallorca
España / Spain

telefono: 647846097

i have:
Passiflora quandrangularis
Solanum melongena (berenjena mallorquina)
Solanum lycopersicum ( tomate ensalada, tomate cherry y tomate "ramallet" mallorquin)
Capsicum annuum (pimiento italiano, pimiento rojo, pimiento verde, y chilis mallorquines)
Cucumis sativus (pepino)
Cucurbita pepo (calabacin blanco)
Rosa roja (rosa rosae)
Prunus (Ciruelo mallorquin ( de unas alargadas y otras redondas))
Phoenix dactylifera (Datiles de palmera)
Malus Domesticus (Manzana Golden)
Pyrus (Pera Conferencia)
Prunus Dulcis (Almendras mallorquinas)
Prunus Armeniaca (albaricoque)
Ficus Carica (Higos)
Ceratonia siliqua (Algarrobo)
Eriobotrya japonica (nispero)
Punica granatum (Granada)

i want:

Quercus pyrenaica (roble)
Caroliniana (fresno)
sativa (castaño)
Larix decidiua (alerce)
Arce Rojo Red
Avellano (corylus)
Prunus Avium (cerezo)
Quercus ilex (encinas)
Abedul plateado (betula pendula)
Nogal persa (Juglans regia)

and whatever a nice tree you could sand me .... thanksss :wink:
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Re: seeds from spain

Postby Eeyore » Jul 10, 2009 8:48 am

Hi manueitor - while I would love to say I can help you out the truth is that it is difficult to ship seeds to another country due to agricultual and customs regulations. Your best bet is to contact a reputable seed or plant company either at home or on the internet that ships to Spain and buy your plants and seeds directly from them.
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