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my seeds

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my seeds

Postby robinfromcanada » Sep 21, 2009 12:22 pm

This is my first seed exchange, so bear with me folks. :) Alot of the seed packets didn't come with specific info, eg, for my chamomile I dont' know if it's german chamomile or what. but if you send questions I'll do my best to find out for you. All these were bought in the last one and a half years so they should be still good.


Catnip, mint, oregano, dill, lavender, chamomile, cilantro, rosemary


Pea (little marvel) Watermelon, carrot (sweetness), tomatoe, pepper, cucumber, radish, onion


for cats: Catgrass oast, annual rye grass, and lettuce grand rapids. Also Geranium Florist mix f2 hybrid (pink, red, salmon, white), calendula (pacific beauty, and crackerjack), aster (powderpuff which are pink, whtie, indigo, red and violet), cosmos, bachelor buttons, sunflowers (golden hedge, lemon queen, and an unnamed variety), love-lies-bleeding, evening primrose,


cypress vine white, annual and perennial sweet pea, nasturtium, and morning glory heavenly blue.


Allyssum (gold/deep yellow which clashes horrendously with my mint blue house), bellflower carpatica blue, perennial sunflower, 4 O clock, hollyhocks, stachys (fuzzy wuzzy), blue fescue grass, pink pampass grass, and everlasting sweet pea (mentioned above)
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Re: my seeds

Postby deborah11 » Nov 02, 2009 7:59 am

Hi Robin: How generous of you to offer these seeds
Wondered if they are still available?? If you could send me your snail mail address I can send you self addressed stamped envelope for seeds.
I would be interested in your geranium mix, asters, pink pampass grass, 4 oclocks, lavender.
Thanking you in advance
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Re: my seeds

Postby robinfromcanada » Nov 02, 2009 4:18 pm

Yes! I still have seeds to give away. I was beginning to think nobody was ever going to ask:) I have everything but the 4O Clocks (I spilled something on the seed pckg. one day and figured I'd better pot them up quick) but I'll pm you with my address.
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