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2nd Annual Canadian Autumn Seed Exchange

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2nd Annual Canadian Autumn Seed Exchange

Postby nickyn » Oct 09, 2012 12:27 pm

Hello everyone,

This is my 1st post on CanadianGardening :) A couple of friends mentioned that I should post my seed exchange on this site. If anyone is interested, the exchange is also posted on several other gardening forums (Folia, Tomatoville, GW, Idig). It turned out very well last year, so I decided to do it again. We are already at the same amount of gardeners as last year, so it should be a great swap.

Here are the guidelines:


If you are interested in participating in the exchange, send me a message or post in this thread. I will send you a private message with my address & the instructions. If you don’t get a private message from me in a day or two, let me know… I will try to check the thread daily. Seeds are due in on November 23rd, so please put your seeds in the mail on or before November 12th to ensure that it reaches me on time. Of course, you can send your envelope earlier.

1. You can send in up to 40 seed packs. If you are sending in extra seeds as a bonus please mark them clearly as a bonus. If you send in 40 packages, you will get 40 packages back. If you send in 5 packages you will get 5 back. Bonuses will be divided between everyone, so you should end up with more than you send in. You can send in up to 2 packages of the same variety.

2. You can send NAMED VARIETIES of any open pollinated seed. Please mark the seed package with the type of seed (annual or perennial flower, herb, vegetable, etc.) & the cultivar name. If you know – mark whether they are heirloom or OP, or hybrid. If seeds are from a commercial source, please note that as well. Basically put as much info as you can on the packet. If there is anything that are unsure of, just ask! Do not include mixes or mystery seeds unless they are clearly marked as bonus seed. It isn`t fair to send mystery seed to people who followed the instructions & sent in named varieties. Unknown varieties will be sent back to you, unless marked as bonuses.

If you are sending in hybrid seed to exchange, only F1 seed from a commercial source is acceptable. Please mark the source on the package. Do not send in seeds you have collected from a hybrid plant. They will not grow true to the original parent plant. If you are unsure if the seed you have collected is from a hybrid, please research online before mailing in your seeds or send me a message and I will try to find out.

Seed doesn`t need to be collected from bagged or separated varieties – accidental crosses occasionally happen. When you grow out the seeds that you receive please try not to be upset if an occasional plant isn`t true. Sometimes crosses are better than the original … That being said, please don`t send in seed that you know is crossed & will not grow true.

3. Please include a list of the seeds that you are sending in. Also include a wish list or preferences and if there are any seeds you do not want to receive. If you are only interested in heirloom or OP, please tell me that as well. I will try my best to accommodate your wish list, but there are no guarantees of course. The returned seeds will be completely dependent on what is sent in. The easiest wishlists to fill include some specifics, but also some general wishes. Don't be shy. It is easier, if your wishlist has 100 things on it! (: If you wish to email your wishlist earlier, please feel free. If you have something on your wishlist & get it from another source, or find something that you wish to add to your list, just let me know. It is no trouble to change the lists until the day that I send them out!

4. You will need to mail your seeds inside of a bubble envelope with your return address label inside. It is important that you send a regular bubble envelope & not the heavy cardboard insulated type to keep within the weight restriction. Please send $2.10 return postage. I will reuse your original bubble envelope to send your surprise seeds back to you. If you go to Canada Post to mail your envelope & they try to charge you more, be sure to tell them that is non-standard lettermail.

The weight categories are:
$1.29 up to 100 grams
$2.10 100-200 grams
$2.95 200-300 grams

5. Please include both your real name (for mailing) and your screen name – so I know who has sent in their seeds!

Inside your bubble wrap envelope you should have;
1. Whatever seed you are contributing to the swap
2. A list of whatever seed you have put in your envelope
3. Stamps totalling $2.10 (you will need another $2.10 in stamps to send your seeds to me)
4. An address label with your address on it.
5. A wish list or list of preferences or do not want list (:
6. Include your name & Screen name!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Happy trading !!!!
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Re: 2nd Annual Canadian Autumn Seed Exchange

Postby nickyn » Oct 22, 2012 10:39 am

Just in case anyone is thinking of joining - we now officially have more gardeners in theis year's swap than last years! More gardeners = more seed varieties to spread around the group.

Here is the link to my blog in case anyone is interested.

Come & join in the fun (:

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Re: 2nd Annual Canadian Autumn Seed Exchange

Postby milagroski » Sep 02, 2013 5:50 pm

Awesome I will do this for sure! I have been scouring for a place to send seed - I also have all my mother-in-laws seed:)

I have 20 packs ready to go, just need the address...also posted on your blog, thanks.

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Re: 2nd Annual Canadian Autumn Seed Exchange

Postby nickyn » Sep 26, 2013 12:27 pm

I have started up the 3rd Annual Canadian Autumn Seed Exchange. Several people joined from this site last year, but no one posted in the thread :D If anyone is interested, just let me know!
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