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A Wedding!

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Re: A Wedding!

Postby MrsJP » Mar 18, 2009 2:43 am

Congrats on the wedding sounds like you are already having fun with it. I was amazed with some orange Osteospermum I had last year,they were in a planter by themselves and did really well. They were Proven Winners. For the pond I thought of making wooden rafts with styrofoam underneath to make it more buoyant to hold wide jars that you could put a votive holder or tealights in. the jars would help the candles from being blown out. Do you have any kids who would like to help decorate the jars maybe glitter the outside and some ribbon around the top.Maybe if you found little boats that could hold the candle jar. OK sorry now I'm getting carried away. :lol: Now I think I'm going to make some for citronella candles in my yard.
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Re: A Wedding!

Postby Lulu » Mar 18, 2009 8:31 am

Firstly, congrats on your daughter's wedding, Marlene! You are going to have FUN, getting ready for this!

You say you have 13 large pots to fill. What about painting the pots pink & orange? Or pink & orange paper lanterns with battery operated lights in them? Is it a daytime or evening wedding, that you are thinking of floating candles?

Following the thrill, fill, spill, rule of pots, your pots could be planted with those majestic looking variagated leaf orange cannas, as the thriill part, then, you can either go all white, for the fill & spill part, or stay with the orange/pink combo. Orange and pink calla lillies would be stunning!

Here's a pic of my "wedding containers" from our yard wedding last year, the day after a wicked rain storm. I thought about those sheer ribbons, (chair bows) around the pots, and on the chairs, but,,alas,,it was not my wedding.
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Re: A Wedding!

Postby Marlene » Mar 19, 2009 7:31 pm

Thanks for all the fabulous ideas. I will be sure to post some pics after the fact.
I am planting at least 13 pots and today my daughter suggested I plant some pretty pots to set on the table as centerpieces.
The wedding will be at 6 pm, but the yard is on the North side of the house with lots of shade towards evening.
I love the idea of lites on the pond. My daughter loved it as well. She said her and her fiancee will go looking for some stuff.
Lulu, I can't seem to pull up the pics of your wedding. Would love to see them.
Thanks again for all your kind wishes and ideas. I'll be back!
Can't do this without you kids!
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