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My recent photobucket post shows......

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My recent photobucket post shows......

Postby LeeInEdmonton » Nov 22, 2012 4:00 pm

That I'm a square peg in a round hole. I question why I need a 5 cent on/off switch on my $75.00 dollar electric shaver when it is easy to simply plug the thing in or out of the sink height wall receptacle ? What happened to the electric frying pan ($20) that there was a need to replace it with a $45 electric skillet ? Or where did the $2.50 coffee mug go to be replaced by a $4.95 mug ? Or how about the $1500 mattress that develops a sag in the center within a year of use ? How cum many electric stoves show up in showrooms without receptacles in which to plug the above electric skillets ? That's like trying to sell a new auto without an engine & if you insist then a surcharge.
How cum the clothes dryer rolls sheets into wet logs instead of drying them ? How cum you can no longer get a simple oil change for your car without being stuck with & charged for unwanted additional so called services ? Mother boards in CPU's should carry a lifetime warranty & if not under no circumstances should it cost $250 to replace the original defective one ?
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