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I need help with my plants.

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Re: I need help with my plants.

Postby CFRASER7 » Apr 14, 2010 11:41 pm

I've heard of Crotons but never knew what they looked like, thanks so much.
Also my Mom's plant has grown to be about 3ft high now, and has lost all of its leaves at the base, I figured it was normal, but it has been moved around a lot and has probably had a few stressfull times in its life (aka my Mom forgetting to water it... :)

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Re: I need help with my plants.

Postby ViridianFields » Apr 16, 2010 2:11 am

Well, these plants are notorious for dropping leaves from their base. Low humidity is generally the culprit here, an easy fix is surrounding it with other plants and misting regularly. Washing the leaves with some clean water and a sponge once a month will help also, though none of this will bring those dropped leaves back :wink: If it's leggy and unsightly, you could cut it back but if the plant is weak it won't recover... a safer option would be air layering.

They are really nice plants though, I think I will try one the next time there is a nice one at WMart.

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