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Bad Case of Strep

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Re: Bad Case of Strep

Postby orchidguy » Oct 28, 2010 1:58 pm

The streptocarpus is a member of the gesneriad family (african violets, lipstick plant) and are very easy to grow. They like about the same conditions as saintpaulia hybrids but like it a little cooler. Their leaves get between 10''-12'' long at maturity and flower size ranges from a little over an inch to 3" in size, depending on the variety. After hearing just how well they do under lights, I decided to grow them that way and am pleased with the results. Unless they are grown in a plastic tent in the greenhouse, I find them difficult to grow in the greenhouse, because excess moisture rots them right away (the same with african violets) On these newly started plants, there are at least 20 tiny flower buds on each of the 25 plants, so should be a blaze of colour soon.
The mustard added to the mix, came about quite by accident. I had seen a Jerry Baker "infomercial" where he added it to a homemade insecticidal mix. Being the sceptic that I am, and seeing Mr Baker as a showman, I used a mixture of dried mustard, water and a bit of ammonia to rid a bathroom at camp of earwigs. It worked, so tried just the mustard and water on them the next season and noticed it to be an irritant to them over a long period of time, so have added it to other mixtures right away. Still not a big Jerry Baker fan, but have to give him credit on the mustard thing.
Joy, I use mainly bark in containers, but coat first with a light dusting of Pro-Mix. with the addition of vermiculite and activated carbon pellets. I figure that in the wild, the roots act as a trap for debris falling from higher branches, so have always done that. I mount on cork slabs, tree fern blocks, or branches from the fruit trees (mainly apple or pear)
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