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An ivy with two personalities?

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An ivy with two personalities?

Postby jtmann » Mar 26, 2011 9:34 am

An ivy with two personalities?


I have an interesting situation with my ivy. It was kind of lifeless and had a fair number of leaves that were half brown. So I trimmed the ivy fairly significantly (it needed to be shaped anyway).

See the picture at the link below - now I have an ivy with the same brown leaf issue (top of picture) but there are also several bright green new leaves growing out (bottom of picture - I assume from the trimming?). But it's still fairly lifeless plant with numerous half brown leaves.

Any ideas how to fix this? I'm scratching my head!

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Re: An ivy with two personalities?

Postby orchidguy » Mar 26, 2011 10:16 am

You've done what you are supposed to do. When hedera (Ivy) gets lanky, leafless or starts to brown, trimming it back sometimes is the only answer. The new growth will soon overtake the "less than perfect" foliage, and will once again be beautiful.
English ivy will start to brown if it is overwatered during decreased light intensity (winter sun), or when kept at too high temperatures
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