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Desert Gem Cactus Question

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Desert Gem Cactus Question

Postby strawberryfinn » Apr 19, 2014 9:20 pm

My father (who has a fairly limited knowledge of plants) was very sweet to me tonight by giving me a desert gem cactus, I've worked with cacti before and have at the very least a bit of knowledge about them, but I was just wondering if anyone knew if the needles are naturally coloured or chemically treated in some way to turn them into the bright colours that they are.

He's been super excited to give me something that I don't know a lot about and is quite proud of himself that he's managed to stump me. (it's kind of a fun contest but he's been beaming like a child discovering cookies for the first time). I love the fact that he's been made so happy by this, but i know it would make him sad if the needles all turned white. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a heads up as to what i should expect, how to help care for it and any other info would be great.

Thanks :)
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