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Most useful garden tools

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Most useful garden tools

Postby Durgan » Apr 21, 2008 3:14 pm

Most useful garden tools 21 April 2008 Most useful Garden Tools.

These are pictures of my most useful garden tools. Gardening entails a fair amount of physical labour, and the object is to reduce this labour effort.

Removing sod is a real misery even for a small area. The kick type sod cutter is idea for a small garden.

The little high speed Honda FG110 rototiller is probably the most indispensable. It makes gardening a pleasure. It digs hole, breaks up clumps, mixes soil, turns over the compost pile, irrigates space between plants. Don't leave home without it.

A large strong wheelbarrow is a necessity for any gardening. It is used to move earth and handles dead plants with little effort.

A machette and chopping block dispenses with large stalks that are too large for the chipper/Shredder.

A good sharp hoe is great for removing weeds and hilling plants.

The chipper/shredder effectively breaks up sod, aand vegetation for composting.

The two foot rooting spade is ideal for removing plants with the roots intact.

Rakes are necessary for cleaning up, the brush rake effectively removes earth from grass.

The edge cutter is great for removing a square of sod, for deep edging, and taking a piece out to start a hole for the the kick type sod cutter.
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