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What did I do Wrong?

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Postby Irondog » Apr 29, 2008 11:03 am

Thanks for all your responses and support. I am really not THAT upset about the plants... but I really was looking forward to some flowers!!

You know, the beds were raised... it is possible they froze. My neighbours lilies from the same plant have started coming up in her yard... but hers are already settled in her Garden... so think that is a likely issue.

I bought one of those Bags of Bulbs... I (think) I bought them at Sunnyside (a local Garden shop in Calgary). There was mostly tulips and daffodils... but two other types of flowers that I honestly can't remember. Not sure if they are late bloomers.

I will try digging up that bulb I found to see if they are rotten too.... I really feel pretty confident I planted them right side up.

I am a member of CalHort and I have attended a couple of seminars. I am still pretty excited about the whole thing. I also checked out a book called Gardening Under the Arch which seemed very cool (put out by Millarville Horticultural Society).

Dora, thanks for your plant list... that will be a big help... At least I will know someone in the city is successfully planting them!!

Any other advice would be appreciated!!

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Postby GardenGeek » Apr 29, 2008 5:19 pm

I agree with the above, at the very least, try slowly digging down to one to check for rotting. You may even come across it making it's way up, if you do, just put the soil back and wait. If you find they aren't coming up and the bulb has rotted, you can just leave them there and they will decompose if they are bad.

My first year here, I planted 150 bulbs as well (I was just getting into gardening). Well, they all came up and I had to move some around. This year, I notice them coming up in different areas at different times probably due to location and depth. A few spots still have to show, so not all hope is lost yet.

I hope you see them soon.

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Re: What did I do Wrong?

Postby packrat79 » Apr 29, 2008 6:47 pm

butterfly wrote:I don;t think you did anything wrong

Squirrels will dig them up, they love them to eat.t

Did you plan them with the right end up

I plant lillie and tulip bulbs at least 6 inches in zone 5b or they won't survive for me

But I gave up on tulips because of Squirrels.

I have a few left out of a 100 planted 10 years ago and most of them went missing in the 1st and 2n year.

If squirrels and rodents are a problem, I'd recommend getting a couple of cats. Rodents never make it near my flower gardens, and a lot fewer mice are making it into the house these days, and I think the cats are to thank for that.
Just make sure to teach any cats that your garden is not a litterbox.....
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Re: What did I do Wrong?

Postby A Closet Canuck » Apr 29, 2008 7:05 pm

Irondog wrote:...I hear neighbours and friends saying their tulips are coming up and I have NOTHING...

Don't give up on your bulbs yet. Last Fall I planted daffodils extra deep, and they came up very late this Spring when compared to the others in my yard. When they didn't show up "on time" I was convinced it was mice, a fungus, etc. Now, the green straps are out of the ground about six inches and I expect blooms with in a week or two.
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Postby dlb » Apr 29, 2008 7:43 pm

With regards to the planter, I have a raised bed, and tulips do fine in them. However, it is about 4x4 ft. I've observed with my sister's beds that she has a lot more trouble wintering things over, and I think it is because they aren't deep enough. I've heard 3 feet wide mentioned as a minimum size to allow plants to winter over.

On the other hand, one of my tulips is wedged right in the side between the soil and the side of the planter and seems to have survived nicely. I don't know how it got into that position. Must have been a squirrel.
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