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nasturiums getting too leggy....

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Postby evepet » May 02, 2008 12:35 pm

butterfly wrote:Do you have them in strong lighting??

If they only have 2-3 sets of leaves don't cut them at this stage

Sounds like they need much more light

Can you get them closer to stronger light? Lack of light is your biggest problem

Thanks Butterfly. It's now rather dreary, overcast rainy weather here in Peterborough, Ontario and expected to continue until Sunday. All my plants are sitting in front of my LR window which has good eastern sun exposure from about 7am through to noon. I'm planning on moving things around asap to put everything on the balcony (which is just beyond that LRwindow). That will probably solve a lot of the problem. Between this week's temps being colder, and now rainy, my plants haven't have amount of sun exposure they really need. (Everything else in the greenhouse is looking good 'tho). Things have been a bit complicated this week too by the fact that I had my gall bladder taken out on Monday and haven't been able to move/lift things around. Otherwise I'd probably have moved the plants & greenhouse out onto the balcony for better sun through the daytime hours Tuesday through Thursday. So the poor nasturiums have just had to suffer this week without enough light. Hopefully I can correct this asap. Thanks again.
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