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Postby newlife » May 06, 2008 4:54 pm

What is the best way to deal with an ant hill that has formed around a plant. It has mounded dirt all around the plant making it look almost raised. Will the plant survive? The plant is a fescue grass and it only has a few small blades of green grass but I know it is still early.
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Postby Jeannie » May 06, 2008 8:27 pm

Ants will not harm the plant, ants don't eat flora, they do eat rotting material and make tunnels in soil which can, in effect, help the area drain better.

Try dusting the area with some baking soda.
Now, no one that I know, can disprove this suggestion.
Ants cant burp.....cant flatulate.....cant get rid of excess gas
Make them walk through some baking soda, eventually it gets taken into their tummies.
Just like in the old days when bicarbonate of soda was used to soothe an upset stomach, the soda in the ant's tummy turns to carbon dioxide.....and pow.......the ant explodes...or is that implodes.

If the ant problem was severe, there is a formulae to make with sugar and boric acid. (purchase at the drug store)
Two cups boiling water, to which you add a cup of granulated sugar to dissolve. Add two teaspoons of boric acid, stir.

Into small cotnainers---use the margarine containers --put holes into the sides at the bottom to let the ants enter.
Dip 6 cotton balls into the sugar/boric aciid in containers.
Cover the container.

The ant goes in, attracted to the sugar...takes the goody back to Queenie....the colony dies.

Put as many of these traps around where you see ants congregate or where their trails are seen.

Baking soda and boric acid spread around also is a concoction.
Some say to use Grits.....the ants chew on this and when it meets up with moisture --it expands. There goes the neighborhood.
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Postby Northpine » May 06, 2008 11:25 pm

Actually, the ants will harm the plant indirectly. I know because I'm having the same problem with ants. They will fluff up the soil under the plant to the extent that the roots aren't getting any moisture.
My blue fescue had the same problem last year. So far I haven't been successful in solving the issue. I even dug up one plant and changed its location, but the ants seem to have moved with it. They are very tenacious!
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