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Plant fruit trees/perennial shrubs in fall?

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Plant fruit trees/perennial shrubs in fall?

Postby cg_admin » Jul 07, 2008 2:18 pm

Hi, everyone

I won't be getting the sod/grass until early fall (construction area, everything's still bare around us), but I want to get a jump-start on the growing season before the winter. I want to get at least the basics covered and put in a couple of fruit trees, and some border shrubs.

I wonder if there's any challenges in planting these in the fall, rather than springtime. Also, I don't see as much choice in garden centres after labor day. I wonder if it's a supply/demand issue, or bigger plants really don't take well in the fall as they do in springtime. I'm in North Vaughan, Just outside of Toronto. Our frosts begin much later, in November, that should give plants enough time to establish.


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Postby B_BQ » Jul 07, 2008 2:24 pm

I'm not an expert by any means.
I've always had a good experience when planting small trees, small evergreens and shrubs in the Fall.
The secret seems to be preparing a really good hole, not skimping on the 'good stuff', staking if necessary, and watering really well, almost every couple of days, until first frost.
I find that larger trees don't seem to do so well, probably because there's more stress on the roots. But some seem to do OK.
I don't think I would be trying to plant anything after mid--end-October.
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Postby everchnginggrden » Jul 07, 2008 2:30 pm

My preferred planting time is spring but you can plant in the fall with some caveats from my experience.

Small stuff does better.
Avoid putting any fertilizer, even transplant fertilizer, in with the plants. You do not want any growth happening in the fall.
Evergreens I find are the toughest. Big landscape companies love to transplant them in the fall, I never do. Watched my neighbours get tons of theirs replaced, I have never lost one. I think the problem is they are in shock then the winter winds do them in.
Fruit trees should do OK, but be prepared that their foliage in the first year may be really sparse and they will be under stress the first year, more so than if planted in the spring.
Water them in well. If we do not get a lot of snow cover & we get a January thaw, consider giving them a drink then as well.

That's just been my experience.

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planting in the Fall

Postby Puff10 » Jul 07, 2008 2:34 pm

I agree with BBQ that by planting anything in the Fall has the advantage. The heavy rain we usually experience at that time of the year will benefit all the plants we have put in the ground therefore helping them get establish before the winter season.I have planted over a hundred trees in my field and have had good results by planting in the Fall
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