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Ron you are right

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Ron you are right

Postby butterfly » Jul 29, 2008 7:59 pm

I have a friend from Cape Breton. He lives here now

He droped in for T this afternoon so asked him about gypsom in CB

He is from West bay Road born and brought up there

He tells me the island is full of quarries

He said there is a huge one across the lake from there , in Iona, River Dennies

One in Big Brook. Handy Indian reservation Think that is where Rita mac Neil was born

Another huge quarry in Point Tipper but now most of it is closed down

Bu he said CB is full of Gypsom. Also salt, and marbel of course I knew about the marble . Also natural gas. Well of course Pictou County and cape Breton so full of some of the best coal in the world, can't help but have natrual gas and oil with the coal

Some of the best marble in the world and exported as well for years. Yes you can see the marble in the moutian driving by going over the causeway,( Called Marbel Mountian) and I always see white in that mountain when driving by but never knew what it was.

He says gypsom

Well, you told me something I did not know. Thanks CB is full of it and yes there is a quarrie handy Beddeck

The one in Point Tupper(causeway) they made gyprock sheets (gyprock for our homes etc) for years but it got too costly to operate any more.

Of course knew they had tons of uraniaum at Point Tupper also and they built about 40 years ago a hugh nuecular power plant then closed it down about 5 years later. Again too costly to operate plus the residents were terrified. I remember that

He says Pictou county and I knew this but didn't know about CB is rich rich in natural resourses but with our distance, it it too far and costly as yet to to bother to dig and produce

I did know we have oil, I am sitting on it, knew that for the past 40 years but too deep to bother with which means too costly to drill

Thanks for the info
Cheers Butterfly

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