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Please restore the photo capability

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Please restore the photo capability

Postby Katherine » Aug 01, 2008 10:08 am

My ONLY concern is an important one, concerning photographs. Carol (BB) has brought it up, shown its effects on detail and BBQ has illustrated it very nicely with a photo that is simply sliced in half due to the advert banner down the side. The programming in this new format, which is after all designed to draw our attention to advertizements, has made it impossible to resize photos by double clicking and zooming. Perhaps that option could be reintroduced.

This forum has been very popular and very special because of the photographs, this brings potential revenue to the magazine through increased traffic on the sites. One of carols or laura's fab shots of birds will get up to 500 hits, thats a lot of action.

For all the gripping and kvetching about sign-in and security, and objection to change, please consider this one thing, restore the photographic capability of this site, PLEASE!

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Re: Please restore the photo capability

Postby carolbluebird » Aug 01, 2008 10:48 am

Well said Kat.

Yes, PLEASE don't leave us with the only option being tiny photos! Your website is known for it's wonderful inspiring quality photos...just look at the success of the "Soup". You wouldn't put a postage stamp photo on your magazine cover, so why leave that as the only option here??

The wonderful photography on this site is completely inspiring and seeing a big beautiful flower photo makes you want to dash out and plant one in your garden!

I'll repeat, as requested, my text from the thread from OTGF.

It is my understanding that our photos are going to be automatically resized down to fit the small dimensions of the thread space according to the web creators. Such a shame as the details will be lost to view in many of the great photos posted on this site. And, I've noticed that if I post a link to my site, instead of opening in a new window it will take you right off the site here, so that's not going to work.

What a shame if the photos posted on the site are all going to be too small to enjoy to their fullest. I've got my 24" screen here and the photos now look like a postage stamp in the middle..GAK!



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Re: Please restore the photo capability

Postby Smitty » Aug 01, 2008 2:19 pm

I too want the phot capability back!!!! was just giving gf info the other day on the fantastic photo's on this site..only to arrive back after a few days to find out IT AIN"T SO ANYMORE!!!! (yep that's me yelling) please bring the photo's back
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