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Coffee plant ?

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Coffee plant ?

Postby pandora » Aug 12, 2008 1:01 pm

Has anyone ever grown a coffee plant? I was given some unroasted beans, and tried...but nothing.

Also, I was sent some carob beans from overseas and tried to grow them as well, but to no avail.

Anyone have any luck with either of these?
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Re: Coffee plant ?

Postby sunkeeper » Aug 12, 2008 8:17 pm

I have never grown one from seed myself, but you have to find green beans to germinate.

Grow Your Own Coffee Plant
By Donna Daniels, published Feb 01, 2007

You can grow your own coffee plant from seed. It can be a bit of a challenge but if you keep the plant moist and don't let it freeze that is a big part of the battle. Growing a coffee plant can be satisfying and fun. You can grow a coffee plant with your children and if you have older children who like coffee they can have fun too. Growing your own coffee plant can take three years before you see a blossom but if you get to pick your own coffee beans the satisfaction of your efforts will make it all worth it. Plus you will have a lovely plant in your home to enjoy.

The leaves of the coffee plant are large and are glossy, dark green. The coffee plant makes a lovely house plant. The coffee plant can grow to be three feet tall.

To start your own coffee plant you will need to find some green coffee beans. It will be a challenge to find some green coffee beans. You could go to a place that roasts their own coffee and see if they have green coffee beans. Or you could go on the net and see if you can find green coffee beans. After you get the green coffee beans the rest of the process will be easier.

Get some good fertilized soil to start your green coffee beans in. A tropical soil is even better to start your green coffee beans in. Pots that are already set up to start seeds in will work to start up your seeds. You can use a clay pot and fill it up with the fertilized soil. The place your green coffee bean into the soil so it is covered up with soil. You can start several seeds in individual pots, that way you will have a chance of getting several coffee plants to start. Water the seeds in the soil well. You can take some plastic and cover the seeds in the pots up to help keep them moist until they sprout. Check the seeds a couple times a day to make sure they are not drying out and water them if they need it. When the seeds sprout take the plastic off of the newly sprouted coffee plants. Keep the coffee plant in a warm place during the entire sprouting process.
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