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Storing gladiolus over the winter

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Storing gladiolus over the winter

Postby CG admin » Nov 06, 2008 10:11 am

I dug out my gladiolus bulbs, how do I keep them over winter? My basement is very damp.I've put them in a plastic bag full of shredded paper , now I don't know how to save them, would my hothouse be too cold, or the shed. Thanks in advance. Zelma

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Re: Storing gladiolus over the winter

Postby Jeannie » Nov 06, 2008 5:27 pm

The glad bulbs must not ever freeze so the use of the shed where outside ambient temperatures would prevail cannot be used.
Neither can the basement if, as you say, it is damp and such humidity being so high can have an effect on the bulbs.
You must therefore, remove the humidity with the use of a de-humidifier.

If you do make the basement livable for the bulbs, box them up in layers of peat moss and place them where it is cool, dark, and dry. They should not be bothered until next spring when you re-plant them into your garden.
Make sure, before boxing, they are sound, have no scars or abrasions, are firm and not soft. Dusting of a fungicide such as garden sulfur might be used to ward off mold and mildew.
The area you place them must not ever be damp--that would certainly set up fungus growth and mold
Perhaps if you cant provide the proper environment for keeping over the bulbs, you have a friend or relative or a neighbour who can loan you a space for keeping the bulbs.

Plastic is never a good medium for keeping bulbs---plastic cant breathe. Instead, use a paper bag which is left open so that any humidity can escape. The use of peat moss as in a bed where you place the bulbs is highly recommended.
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Re: Storing gladiolus over the winter

Postby butterfly » Nov 16, 2008 9:29 pm

Just read these posts

Good job, I forgot to dig my glads

Thanks for the reminder
Cheers Butterfly

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Re: Storing gladiolus over the winter

Postby Jeannie » Nov 26, 2008 6:06 pm

Some who have many hundreds of glads and cant see themselves spending many hours digging them up, do leave them in the ground but mulch them heavily. In zones above 6, you might get away with this without losing too many but in lower zones, it is not prescribed.
Burying with soil, and then mounding with evergreen boughs, can give a certain amount of protection if the bulbs are planted at least 6", deeper is nicer. If any less planting depth is where they are, they stand little chance of surviving winter's freeze.
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Re: Storing gladiolus over the winter

Postby Sheikea » Nov 28, 2008 10:14 am

I just leave mine in the the ground.Have never dug them up and they come back every year. :)
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Re: Storing gladiolus over the winter

Postby otnorot » Dec 31, 2013 8:04 am

Tara don't you have a furnace?If you do then the room its in will not be damp plus storing bulbs tubers plastic bags is a no no.Those bulbs are full of moisture and plastic bags don't breath so bulbs in plastic bags kill them selves with rot. Mine are in Tim Horton bags.
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