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Worms in Soil????

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Worms in Soil????

Postby walking spirit » May 18, 2009 9:07 pm

I took my rubber plant outside today to give it a good "washing" and gave it a good watering. After about an hour, brought it inside, and a couple of hours later (went out) came home to find about 50 dead worms laying on my floor. This is a 4ft plant in a large pot with no holes in the bottom, so earth worms could not have gotten inside.

They are about 1" in length and very thin. We looked in the pot which had more wiggling in the soil. I have only had this plant about 4 months and have never had a problem with it. It is growing as a rubber plant would, nothing that would make me thing something is going on. Currently I have a garbage bag wrapped around the pot and tied up around the base so nothing more can crawl out. I would put it outside, but last night we had a frost Warning (Ontario).

Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to know what these are but also what to do about them. I wonder if washing ALL soil off the root system and replanting in a new soil bag would be ok?
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walking spirit
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Re: Worms in Soil????

Postby davefrombc » May 24, 2009 12:33 pm

That looks like a "red wiggler " worm to me. It is a species of earthworm used in indoor composters to turn kitchen vegetable scraps, peelings, coffee grounds and tea bags, any vegetable wastes into a great compost fertilizer and component of potting soil .. I suspect castings were used in making the potting soil for your plant , and it contained a number of eggs that have hatched out.
I suspect your scrubbing of the plant and watering drove the worms out of the soil. Opinions differ on whether worms in potted plants are a good thing or bad .. I consider them good as I mentioned in another thread on worms in potted plant soil
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Re: Worms in Soil????

Postby walking spirit » May 25, 2009 12:31 pm

Awesome. Thanks for confirming this for me. I had a suspicion but wasn't sure.
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Re: Worms in Soil????

Postby Jeannie » Oct 07, 2009 7:47 pm

I would be interested from whom you got this plant. To suggest that the worm eggs and/or larvae came with the soil the plant was given, is totally against the norm reputable plant greenhouses give their saleable items.

Home gardeners are cautioned about using garden soil for indoor should be sterilized to avoid such possibility.

You took your plant outside into the sunshine....that's good, you watered it so it cleaned off the leaves, that's good; then you gave it a thorough a plant that is in a pot that doesn't drain. So where did all that water go.
Most, maybe, went into the soil...the soil was able to absorb some....and I suppose you fully wetted all of it.

If the worms were in there, no wonder they were found on your floor----they had to get out of the water. Worms breathe through their drowned them, they had to come for air.
Ever go out in the morning after a good rain and find worms on the driveway.
You rained on the worms, they had to get off the pot.

You have had the plant for 4 months....and its doing well you say. I doubt it will live a long and happy giving it water as you are doing.
All potted plants must drain.....or you must water in dribs and drabs...and that's not good for plants because you cant say whether the roots are getting any of it.

Most pot materials can be bored holes into their bottoms. There is never a need to ever not have drainage holes.
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