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Jade plants

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Jade plants

Postby Hishighness » Oct 03, 2009 6:36 pm

Hi, my mom gave me a Jade plant and I want to try my best not to kill it, I'm not very good with plants and I've already inadvertently harmed it so I'd like to get some advice because I really want to have a plant in my apartment.

When she gave it to me it was in a tin can, and it looked like it was outgrowing it. I had an old pot I found and some soil but the soil was all dried up and clumped together so I douced it with water and left it outside for a few days to make it easier to handle, and just now I got the final breaking up done and was ready for my plant to be transferred.

During this time I left my plant on my South facing window sill, I live in Nova Scotia so the weather outside is cold and it gets cold on the sill but I figured the Sun would do it some good, well when I went to see it a lot of the leaves have turned brown and one even fell off when I picked it up. I looked on a site and it said it may be sunburned but like I said earlier I don't know.

I don't really like sunlight in my apartment, I prefer artificial light so I have most of my windows covered. I'm just wondering if there's some way I can grow it indoors without sunlight and have it not die, like an artificial light.

Also I'm not sure how often to water it, I've heard that these plants don't need a lot of water but how much is "not a lot" My plant is about 15 cm above the dirt line and I've got him in a pot that is about a foot wide and a foot tall. Can someone recommend a water amount say in milliliters per week or something along those lines?

Thanks for your time, I really want my plant to survive.
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Re: Jade plants

Postby Eeyore » Oct 03, 2009 7:27 pm

Sounds like it's in a pretty big pot for a pretty small plant. Jades are slow growers so it will be awhile before it fills out that pot. Most plants prefer to be in smaller pots so if you can move it down to a more appropriate pot that would help. Also, it's always best to plant in fresh soil because the soil you found would be depleted of nutrients.

As you've already discovered it doesn't like direct sun and it won't like the cold on the sill so move it back from the window. Jades only need to be watered about once a month in the winter and once every 2 weeks in the summer and they don't need much water at all. I would say about a 1/2 a cupful for a plant the size you are describing.
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Re: Jade plants

Postby dorab » Oct 05, 2009 6:19 pm

Jades actually can tolerate direct light, but must be introduced to it slowly. I put mine outside in the garden in the summer and they do quite well in partial shade. They can tolerate very low light levels for a long time, especially when they are small, but not forever. They will be fuller with a summer vacation outdoors.

As for water, I soak them will probably a gallon of water and then let it dry out completely. That might take a month or more. They can go a long time without water.
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Re: Jade plants

Postby orchidguy » Oct 29, 2009 11:57 pm

If your jade plant recieves too much sun, the leaves take on a reddish hue, which doesnt hurt the plant, but if the leaves start to develop brownish edges, it is probably underwatered and over exposed to a great deal of light. In the greenhouse, I keep mine in full sun, and water about every 3 weeks in the winter. Your jade can take once a week waterings in the summer months and might surprise you with delicate blooms.
If your pot is too large, you risk causing root rot because the root system isnt large enough to sustain all the moisture that present in the soil in a large pot. A good rule of thumb is to repot when you see roots coming out of the bottom of the planter, and graduate to a pot that is one inch larger. Being a succulent, your jade prefers to be rootbound anyway.
As far as artificial light goes, I have always found that succulents tend to do better in natural sunlight, but it will keep for the winter under a light specifically made for plant growth.
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